Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, December 14, 2009

Back in the swing.

It seems like its been too damn long since I have been fishing. In reality it HAS been too damn long since I have been fishing. I missed out on some the best the north west fall has to offer and found myself staring the tumultuous beginning of winter steelhead season right in the face.
I had a damn good summer and fall for flinging flies and now its time to pay penance; to cold rivers, and a fish that is on the verge of extinction. Frigid cold days swinging a fly that resembles nothing found in nature will cleanse the memories of easy summer fish from my mind. long - cold hours of wondering if my fly missed a fishes' strike zone by inches or feet, (or if there was a strike zone in the first place) will melt my confidence as a fellow who knows how to catch a fish or two.
The only pleasure I am allowed, is the "aaahhh" feeling as my running line snaps tight against the spool of my reel after making a good cast, and perhaps the resolution that I did my best after swinging through a good piece of steelhead water. May be if I am supremely lucky, or blessed- a legendary fish the color of steel will see fit to smash my simple offering of fur, feathers, barbless hooks.
To land it would be a hope far too ambitious and greedy for a neophyte such as my self. just slam the fly, shake your head, and say goodbye. Thats all I want. That seems to be all I live for this time of year. A small token to prove; that yes, I am indeed learning. yes I am doing something right after all, and this festering cesspool of insecurities that resembles my own wader clad self while "trying to hit it right" is only an illusion created by a fishery on the brink of collapse, and a population of fishermen reaching overflow, or a body on the edge of hypothermia.
Until that "SLAM" which I know is waiting for me somewhere and somewhen in a winter river, I practice the cast, the swing, and pay my dues in a world where sometimes there isn't a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or a steelhead ready to bite.
Either way its good to be back. Its good to be cold. and its good to be fishing the winter.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He is as articulate as the flies he ties...

He once tied a fly; while casting it...

He mastered the three handed spey rod...

He once swam upstream to spawn, just to see what it felt like...

He is: The most interesting customer at the fly shop.

Stay slimy my friends.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Steeheader's phrase association

Overheard at Rusty's fly shoppe and emporium.

Q:$300 dollar spey rod? A: Not as good as a $800 dollar spey rod.

Q:$800 dollar spey rod? A: What every one at the hatchery hole uses.

Q:spey reel? A: doubles for black marlin fishing.

Q: Drag? A: when I have to cast in front of people... that I know.

Q: click pawl reel? A: I need one and I don't know why, I just do okay!

Q: spey cast? A: can I buy that at the shop too?

Q: favorite casting method? A: roll cast

Q: Double spey? A: if there is a rod that cost's twice as much Im pretty sure I need it.

Q: snap T? A: I snagged my face.

Q: grain weight? A: my beer gut after spending all winter at the bar talking about spey casting and winter steel head fishing

Q: Scandinavian style? A: talking dirty in a swedish accent.

Q: Skagit style? A: fishing while wearing a Nascar hat, Slayer cut off T-shirt, and drinking Old Milwaukee.

Q: price tag? A: guide to quality.

Q: Steelhead? A: trendy

Q: functionally extinct? A: steelhead

Q: overpopulation? A: steelhead fishermen

Q: swinging? A: not just for pervs in the 70's anymore

Q: nymphing? A: someone said its bad, they were wearing a patagonia jacket, so I effing believe them.

Q: indicator? A: thats a bobber! bobbers are the devil! im not sure why though.

Q: backing knot? A: haven't seen it since I tied it a couple years ago.

Q: Latin name for steelhead? A: Oncorhynchus Mykiss

and finally....
Q: Latin name for a spey-tard in the presence of a real steelheader?

A: Mykiss Uranus