Tuesday, July 14, 2009

so i started a blog...

here goes nothing.  im new to the whole bliggety blog scene, but i promise i will try to maintain a mildly entertaining, pretentiousness free fly fishing  journal. that means no postings about how carp fishing is such a wonderful untapped resource in the fly fishing world...  don't get me wrong carp kick ass, its just that they are old news, and im currently waiting for the whole squaw fishing movement to take effect so that we can make something different and quirky mainstream and boring.
there are only so many ways to wax poetic about fly fishing and for the vast majority of poets waxing, it just ends up being blather about fly fishing, and all the poetry ends up smelling like fish. there will be none of that here, i will leave it to the pros like mister Gierach and Mcguane                      now that i set the bar incredibly low, i have to find something to blog about, in the mean time enjoy a pretentious scenery-beverage pic. 

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