Monday, August 10, 2009

brook trout fer sure!

caught this guy a couple weeks ago and it's still bugging me. the fish looks like an eastern brook trout in every way, except for the fact that it wasnt as vibrantly colored as the rest of the brookies i caught that day, this fish looked faded. plus it's head had the thickness and arrow shape that bull trout usually get.
according to the washington state game regs if it has worm marks on the fins it's a brookie... but once again, it had the worm marks but the rest of the fin was on the yellowish side reminding me more of a bull than brook.

the second pic is an example all the brook trout i caught that day except the previously mentioned conundrum. olive body, burnt orange belly, almost burgundy fins. as for the other pic, i have seen brookies in stained and murky water getting a little faded but this was caught in some of the clearest water i have seen. hmmmm

the general consensus seems to be it was a brook trout, thanks for looking folks!

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