Monday, August 3, 2009

the brook trout quest continues

saturday we went back to artist point above the baker ski resort and found it to be thawed. the views were stunning, the fish were beautiful, my feet raw, and the camera work sub-par. ohwell you cant win em all.
im not sure if i would go to all this trouble just
to catch a rainbow or a cutthroat. there is something about brook trout fishing, sore feet, and mind blowing scenery that i cant seem to divide. i love a fish that is rare, dramatically colored, hard to get to and easy to catch.
julie ended up catching her first trout (and second and third and fourth and fith ect) fly rod fish. these fish have such a hard life and short growing season that they dont get huge, one fish she caught was pushing 8inches but it sported the pointed head and defined markings of a mature brookie or two or three years. and these fish had shoulders for little guys, the alpine lakes around artist point must support a wealth of bug life because in the three weeks since the lakes thawed fish put on some girth, which is great because the waters will freeze up in another month or two. i intend to make the huff back before the ice sets in for another year.

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