Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bluegill need love too.

Summer is drawing to a close and fall is quickly approaching. Its about to get very exciting as far as fly fishing goes - steelhead, salmon, cutthroat - As we pursue the larger and more popular varieties of fish its easy to completely forget what got many us started in this whole mess - bluegill.
   Cold weather will have them shutting down long before other species, so they begin their fall feeding frenzy before the rest as well.  go find your favorite bluegill pond on a breezy sept evening and see what happens. you might be surprised at the results, savor them and store them to memory because there will be a point during the long winter thats coming up (after the steelhead have gone back to sea and before the trout lakes open) where you might sell your soul for the feisty take and heroic runs of the humble Bluegill.

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