Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Chirping hordes : Have pellet gun, will travel.

Chirping and tweeting on the lawn this morning were hundreds of the little pests. They stumbled about the grass as if they were searching for a set of lost car keys in unison. each one a thousand flies waiting to be tied and flung at savy, creatively tied fly appreciating trout.
Starlings are an introduced species of much malign, an unstoppable force in nature and most likely here to stay. The Government can't control them, let alone put a dent in the population of these native species-competing foreigners. To make matters worse starling droppings are found to have a corrosive agent that not only ruins the clear cote of your Vette, but breaks down concrete as well. If you want more starling doom and gloom click HERE.
On the bright side fly tiers have found it to be a useful element in their art. They can't be all bad.

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