Friday, September 4, 2009

FIsh Can't Read: an all star cast.

Online magazines are quickly rising to fill the information-entertainment-REALITY void that the newsstand rags just can't/don't/won't(?) come through with. Most call for unorthodox (dare I say original) pictures and writing that magazines -who sold their sole to the paper mill- might not print, for fear of not sticking with tried, true, and boring.
One such online mag that promises to deliver the goods is the up and coming Fish Can't Read
due to hit your monitor mid Sept.
Wether or not they supply the goods remains to be seen, but with an all star line up on their team, I have the utmost faith something full of fishy goodness will be blowing up my inbox.

Behold the seven horse-people of the News stand apocalypse:

John Juracek- fly fishing writer and photographer of renown.

Camille Egdorf- guide, photographer, blogger (Rip Lps) and all around inspiration to women who want to fling flies.

Alex Landeen- photographer, brownliner, and a blogger who helped inspire the birth of Bad Fish with his highly entertaining somewhat random blogging in Fat Guy Fly Fishing.

Lani Waller- steelhead guru and fly fishing hall of fame inductee. Not to mention author, conservationist, and steelhead fly tying genius.

Keith Barton- The guy responsible for religiously filling my inbox every morning with witty and irreverent anecdotes of fly fishing news and observations in his blog Singlebarbed.

Rounding out this ragtag crew of fly fishing personalities are

Jake and Mark McGlothlin- fly fishermen extraordinaire and founders of Dry fly media and the Chi Wulff blog, a highly informative and insightful newsletter that I hope to over utilize on my trip to MT.

So there you have it: the Fish Can't read team. due to kick some serious ass in the up and coming first issue. Make sure you subscribe and enjoy something original for once.

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