Saturday, August 22, 2009

the last hoorah(!)

we went back to location X today and found it completely crowded by campers and hikers. the fish population looked like it was raped pretty hard by the worm and bobber guys.
julie managed to hook a couple chunky brook trout on her new four weight, and i even caught a few in between snapping sub parr pics.

with a sigh we left the lake, firm in resolve not to return for another year and give the fish a chance to regroup.


  1. Your pictures are amazing... what kind of camera do you use? I want to be able to take pictures of my fish like these. Glad I stumbled across your blog... Thanks, Blaise,

  2. thanks! for the underwatershots i have a canon powershot D10 (the best pocket cam anyone can buy IMO) and for most of the others I use a canon EOS 50D which is more camera than I am photographer.
    i dug your sick fishing site brother! keep up the good work.