Saturday, August 22, 2009

Team Brute force and Ignorance rides again.

i met up with my old friend Jon last tuesday. i haven't seen him since i quit my job and hightailed it back to the island. after a brief catching up we headed to some brook trout lakes i knew of.
day one didn't leave us with much time so we hit a closer body of water, only about .8 miles of a hike. we found the fish numbers to be low, but consistent. getting bites every 5 or ten minutes.
jon scored a couple nice 12 inchers while i took shitty pictures. he had some release malfunctions and ended up keeping a trio of fish that would have died anyway, and they tasted fantastic.
cold beer and burgers with some grilled brook trout ended up the evening.

day two found us hiking 4 miles (?) into another lake. we found it to be a bug factory from hell and began catching fish after fish and missing strike after strike. i don't remember what the total was for that day but it was higher than my companion could count.
large cutthroats with the occasional chunky brookie mixed in made the lake worth the grueling hike. i was just happy jon got into some fish, i owed him a good trip in a bad way.
we hit the road the next day after breakfast chili dogs and promises to do it again next year.

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