Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bad fish 9:1 the sins of the humpy bear punishment for the chum

I got up in the wee hours of the morning to get a jump on opening day humpy madness on the stillaguamish river. it was pure insanity, however I think there were more people fishing for humpys yesterday. the water was beaten to a cappuccino like froth (extra dry) and the fish were understandably not biting. thats all right though, every one was perfectly content snagging their limits.
to help paint the picture: at the big hole where the humpys amassed there was the loud family - the louder family - several hooligans- a couple grampas with bored grandchildren involved in a rock chunking competition. then in between, sat a few fly fisherman (only myself and one other were practicing catch and release) who obviously wanted some slimer meat but didn't want to download the complete salmon nightmare. at the smaller hole were the wader clad professional snaggers who really do know what their doing, along with some more hooligans, more loud familys, and more salmon that were scared shitless.
In between both pools the humpys would travel in waves back and forth all morning long. they knew what a lure looked like, they knew what people looked like and they knew their only options were resting in one of the two pools or getting hammered. frantically they kept this pace up until I left.
sooner or later it will die down and the river will be peaceful again with nothing but some zombie salmon bumping around... until chum season.

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